Monday, April 7, 2014

What's next from #ATLShowcase ?

When I was kid, I used to love this song, If You Don't Know Me By Now and for those of you aren't familiar with my work, I put a lot into it and I try and capture as many players as I can and if you familiarize yourself with the archives and search box both on here and the website, you'll see why I say "no one does what I do" and that's the truth

When my daughter played, there wasn't a lot of interest in covering in the Houston area and although she was receiving national attention, there were several others who were deserving and instead of just complaining about what he or she wasn't doing over and over and believe me I did, I stepped up to the plate and it has snowballed which is why I was in Atlanta and also why I was happy I came

I don't fabricate information and although I may not always be right, when I call a player a "playa", I haven't been wrong yet and I saw several who were or those who are on the verge of being big time players. These #AutoAwesome photos show the kids getting after it which is what I'll be doing with info from the Atlanta Showcase, another slam dunk from my friends at Prime Time Sports. Be patient, I'm touching every team I saw and even though I can't dunk anymore, I'll touch more than the rim