Thursday, April 10, 2014

Updated HS rankings coming after HOT

I may not be able to pronounce Calveion Lasndrum's first name, probably didn't spell it right either but I know nickname and more importantly her game. I do know how to pronounce and spell Dorian Branch's name but even more importantly, her game has been simply going through the roof

Both have already been elevated among the 2016 players I have listed in Texas and I'll catch both this weekend at the Cy Fair Invitational. I'll  also be evaluating as many players as I can at the Heart of Texas at the end of the month, over 250 teams have been confirmed

People have opinions about everything, religion, politics, food and oh yeah, rankings and I respect other folks opinions but the bottom line is I respect mine the most, not saying I'm always right, I just haven't been wrong, yet, well about players who can play BCS or any other level, at the next level

Stay tuned , college coaches the rankings are for you, read more