Thursday, April 10, 2014

Peak Performance North runner-up in 6th grade #ATLShowcase

What I gathered from this young group of talented young ladies is that they were smart and understood the game quite well, oh yeah, they had some talent too so I know they're working on their games and in case you've been misinformed, the game does, has and always will start the ONE

Brooke Purves

Brooke Purves was small but her IQ is through the roof, she did a great job at handling the ball, attacking the basket and finsihing. She saw the floor well but she also showed she could shoot it, mid and long range. Several players on PPN showed they could get to the rim and finish at the ATL Showcase hosted by Prime Time Sports, I mean Emily McPhail simply found ways to get to the rim and she also showed she could man-up

Kennedi Philson

Savannah Burke also got to basket time and time again, good ball-handler that could take her man off the dribble, she also could defend. Emily Jeffeys has take over game mentality and also the skills to go with it as this kid can flat out score from both mid or long range, guess what, her D was on point as well. Kensley Bennett and Maddie Mazer both made some big plays, Emily Lawton showed she could finish in the paint but Kennedi Philson definitely showed signs of being huge one day. First of a ll she's tall, 5'10 I imagine and long. She's very athletic, can run the floor and has good hands and footwork, plus she finished, even with contact. Her upside is off the charts, well that can be said for the whole team