Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Both Peak Performance Black and Blue make 2018 even brighter at #ATLShowcase

What did I say about Victoria Agyin after she and her mixture of 6th and 7th grade Peak Performance teammates showed up at Prime Time Nationals and made a more than impressive showing? Well then
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Victoria has simply added to her game and so have several others. Caitlin Felts has grown and gotten longer, she can shoot and attack, Kennedy Carter has shown improvement but this Black team has a bit of everything. Daimya McPherson and Nissa Sam-Grant have size along with a huge upside, keep in mind this whole team is from the 2018 class. Ashlyn Gideon, like Agyin has speed and can handle the ball. Laterrika Freeman and Jala Jordan both have an abundance of athleticism, Jordan's length created problems on both ends

On the Blue squad, several players could do multiple things but three handled the ball extremely well under pressure, Peyton Allen, Avery Jefferys and Avery Lusk. Jefferys also saw the floor well while Lusk did a good job of reading the floor and came up with some big steals. Jennah Golden showed she could finish while Alexis Goldsby attacked the basket from just about anywhere. Katie Brown wears the right number, she showed she could shoot the long ball well