Monday, April 14, 2014

#PrimeTime Nationals gaining momentum

I received a text from a parent after the Prime Time #ATLShowcase asking me if I had a chance to check out her daughter and after she told me which team and described her, I immediately said "oh the young lady with the pink shoes" and she giggled yes. I'm an EVALUATOR, not a writer, typos gave that away right, but I know talent and I love seeing it

Here's the deal, so many times the younger teams get overlooked so I have committed to be at Prime Time Nationals ALL FOUR DAYS and I will be looking at ALL AGES, you have my word. How can I do it? Well I covered a Prime Time event in the Metroplex for over 10 hours Saturday, hit the road Sunday morning to be at the Cy Fair Invitational for the 8 am game and was there for the duration, so yes, I can not only do it, watch how it's done