Saturday, April 12, 2014

The game of basketball and playing at the next level

Okay I'm a little upset because there is no fitness center in this hotel, that's on me because unlike the picture, I didn't do my homework and last time I walked in a unfamiliar place, birds attacked me , that's another story.

I reminisce about certain thing when my daughter played and the one thing that truly turned me off was when people would give me misleading information, one coach in particular called and said how well she played in an event however she wasn't even there, go figure

I had a parent tell me a similar story regarding a recruiting service that sent her daughter a nice letter filled with bells and whistles about how well their daughter played at ABC Event  and what they could do for their child however the family peeped the game and heard nothing but noise because their child wasn't even in attendance

Anyone can buy a database and send out mass letters and emails, name drop and use information you can't verify and although it may sound true, what's that old saying about if it sounds too good. I always keep it real and if a kid has a shot, I'm honest about it and through the years I've seen players over 6'0 and athletic consistently receive offers while guards who were more talented  didn't, yes that's a direct hit

Some parents have told me that OTHERS say my service is expensive, actually it's not when you compare what I do and verify the numbers of players who have received more interest because of what I do because like the parents, I also keep it real with the college coaches.

My services are a lot less expensive that paying for tuition, well even the books but that's what I mean when I say it's a lot of people giving misleading information that just aren't too bright, know who you can trust with your daughters future and when you figure what you've already invested in doing this and going to college is the most important thing if possible, well everyone isn't in the same situation, either you get it or you probably will

Don't wait to the last minute and be misled by someone telling you what they can do, especially when they've never done it . I didn't do my homework on this fitness center, now I'll take a chance on being in a Hitchcock remake, do your homework and remember, I actually watch the players like I will starting in less than two hours