Saturday, April 12, 2014

2018 Ghavidel ready for action in #CFInvite

Sharpshooter Katlyn Ghavidel showed me she was going to be deadly from bta the first time I saw her what seems like a lifetime ago however as I think about how short of a period it's actually been, I've watched this young lady in a variety of settings, from camps to playing for the South Texas Hoyas and each time, I've seen something extra. This season, the Under The Radar guard has added not only taking defenders off the dribble and finishing with a little flair and contact, her defense has improved and when you're this young, there is no telling how high up the D1 list she can go

One thing is for sure, I will keep you posted and trust me, Ghavidel is going to be a name you won't forget