Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Clock is ticking, are you ready?

I love this picture, not just because I'm in it because if no one had ever seen me, they would not who I was  or what I was doing so the bottom line is you never know who may be watching you on the court, well off the court as well because trust me, recruiters observe more than just your ability to play

Perfect example of when my daughter played, several coaches gave feedback on her supporting her teammates by not only pumping  up and supporting her teammates along with getting them water while she was on the bench,, it may seem insignificant to the novice however it gives credibility to what I'm saying.

Also parents, unless you have a "can't miss" daughter, you might want to refrain from negativity regarding your daughters teammates or coaches, I'm just keeping it real but I know grown folks like to be grown so do you and in the long run, see who get's got

Players do these things, play hard, play smart and do what you do BEST on nthe court, this isn't the time to work on reverse lay-ups, behind the back and no look passes or shoot the three if you CAN'T do it