Thursday, April 17, 2014

Breah just getting it done

Okay let me see who pays attention and I'm going to give you some hints on this young DFW Elite star

1.Who was the first 2017 player I wrote about nationally
2.Who, as a freshman, helped lead her team to the STATE championship game as a freshman
3.Who is faster than a speeding bullet, uh Nutri Bullet because unlike me she eats healthy
4.Who helped me take pictures at the last tournament

Awe man, you already have the answer in the subject title, Breah Powell, see I'm not that bright after all but I'm bright enough to know talent which is all that matters

Check this out, she won district in the long jump, I know this ain't basketball but the guy that I write for  let's me write what I want. She's also qualified for three running events in regionals, plus the buzz says her school relay team might make it to state, all I can say is WOW

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