Wednesday, April 30, 2014

GPR Under The Radar stars show out at #HOT

Katie Burke

A wise man once said talent is everywhere and over the weekend, several players helped themselves in front of people whose opinions are more important than mine, college coaches. Just because you aren't the "star" on your high school or club team doesn't equate to you not being able to play at the next level.

No one really knew much about about Manvel's Rangie Bessard, she played along side Brianna Turner and Jordan Hosey, before last summer and she jumped from low D1 to BCS after a few plugs here and there from yours truly and eventually signed with Minnesota.

This is what I do, evaluate talent and again I haven't always been right but I've never been wrong and the young ladies below performed so well over the weekend that I wanted to give them a special S/O


Amber Richard ( Adidas Adipure)- Was really good on Friday in the unsigned senior event but took it to yet another level on Saturday and Sunday as showed she could definitely run a team. Now she's added even more offers as she narrows it down on where she'll be playing


Katie Burke (MC Legends)- Burke relishes at the one and on this team, she actually showed this is her natural position. She thinks the game yet she also showed she could score but her ability to set her teammates up for gimmes was on point

Torrie Thompson ( Pearland Thunder)- Thompson is one of those players that will go through a wall for you and I'm not talking about one made of paper. She's explosive on both ends and can score in droves but what I really like is the fact that her perimeter defense can make things happen

Madison Schenck


Madison Schenck (Texas Adidas Crazy Quick) -She's almost six feet, can handle the ball in the open court, under pressure and can shoot the mid to long range well is what I've been saying and she did all that over the weekend. She's getting even stronger which is scary for those defending her in the paint

Maciu Forsythe (Lady Big Dogs) -Forsythe's jump over the past season has been one of the best I've seen since doing this and I'm ready to label her "clutch" as she continues to score under pressure. All she needed was confidence to go along with her skills, she has it and it's showing

Brittany Panetti (Katy Rebels Goss)- She was a legitimate D1 player in the 7th grade, she's 6'3 and is making great strides. I think with her youth and work ethic, she can definitely play mid to BCS, no doubt about that. Over the weekend, she was virtually unstoppable when I saw her

Alexia Torres (San Antonio Islanders)- If you're a guard and I list you as a UTR player, believe your basketball IQ is up there and Torres simply keeps amazing me. In a span of just under two minutes, I watched her drop two long ones, get a couple of steals and assists and to top it off hit a backwards reverse lay-up off balance MATRIX style

Jade Leblanc-Ernest


Bianca Hernandez ( San Antonio Stars)- Her three point shooting impressed me last year, her midrange and attacking the basket earlier this year but her perimeter defense just keeps getting better. Hernandez is young, energetic and has a great work ethic and it's showing

Jade Leblanc-Ernest (Pearland Hawks) -I always said once she understood that she was able to compete, she would expand her game. Now the aggressiveness on both ends is showing, skill set was already there but she's on track for big things.

Marissa Banfield (GTE Elite) -I said she was D1 player when she was 10, some don't agree with me calling it that early, I'll listen when the calls aren't answered and Banfield's phone will be ringing off the hook. You can't teach some things, you just can't and this young lady is worth double digit points without scoring, yet she can simply take over a game if needed