Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If it's not 8 in the morning it ain't over #PrimeTime #CFInvite

I didn't get to see the little LadyBig Dogs play but I saw the big ones and let me say this, I had the foresight to know that Maci Forsythe would be doing some impressive things this past weekend, guess what, right again. I'm not finished with Prime Time Saturday or Cy Fair Sunday but I am rushing to be in compliance with the all important Girlz Prep Report scouting service

College coaches, I'm all over the place, I not only see talent, I know talent and always remember, I have no agendas and this just in, I have been NCAA approved once again.


Don't call others so they can call me, $200 is less than a plane ticket or a hotel, gas and dinner, trust me I know what that costs cause I'm everywhere