Monday, April 14, 2014

Coming up from #PrimeTime and #CFInvite

To be honest with you I just don't know how I'm going the ball rolling from the but I do know it will be rolling through my trip to HOT next weekend in some form. Special S/O to Breah Powell who took pictures for me, checked her phone and jetted over to her game, in fact she put together a strong second half to help DFW Super Girls to a victory over NT United Blue, Powell is also a track star and this explains how she squeezed everything into a limited ampunt of time

Another special S/O to Dorian Branch who is smiling in 90% of the pictures I've taken of her over the past two years, which is also a super power but she'll also be smiling as she either elevates over or blows by defenders

I don't know these young men, I don't know how I'll start off but I do that  the party don't stop till 8 in the morning, somewhere