Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oklahoma Select Dream creating nightmares at #PrimeTime

I tell this story so many times that I feel like I'm one of those guys in a western around a campfire or something, all I need is a run down hat and a shaggy beard, but my first taste of players from Oklahoma came in Virginia Beach, the year was 2004 and Danielle Gant and Earnisia Williams were playing for Air Oklahoma against Marissa Coleman and her Fairfax Stars. If you ain't been around, you don't know what it was really like but Gant and Williams went on to star at Texas A&M and Texas respectively, as well as professionally overseas, while Coleman did the same with Maryland and now the WNBA

On Super Saturday at the MAC, I saw who was on the attack and it was Oklahoma Select showing even more talented players, and unlike the slogan I used read on license plates as a young lad on my summer vacation trips, Oklahoma is more than just OK.  Mariah Jones, Christa Pickens and Rebecka Cammon are three young stars on this team from Oklahoma, Joners and Cammon are from the 2018 class while Pickens is among that monster 2017 group

These young ladies brought plenty of energy and showed they had an abundance of talent, well the same can be said for their teammates but baseline to baseline in your face defense always gets my attention as well as the heat the brought offensively. I'll catch more of this exciting young team down the road, stay tuned and be ready