Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'18 Ghavidel helping keep tradition going for Hoyas

The South Texas Hoyas just keep me on my toes with an array of talented players on multiple teams. Brittany Rodgers just made the Tip Sheet from the Cy Fair Invitational and still has me wondering how in the world she made one shot in particular but moving up this weekend to play in the PSB event held in Georgia are three other young players who are familiar with GPR Tip Sheets as they've been featured multiple times.

Deja Kelly, only a 2020, yet already has me thing a serious MDAA contender. Sophia Ramos, a 2018 who has made one of the most tremendous jumps over the course of two seasons than any player I've seen, let's me know she's been definitely working because I see the progression. Then there is Katlyn Ghavidel, another sharpshooter from San Antonio who almost brought me to tears when she attended the Pass Tha Ball Camp back in December despite her ankle being the size of an orange telling me she didn't want to disappoint me., well that will never happen because even at the camp, she simply brought it

Ghavidel is definitely Under The Radar nationally, colleges in Texas know about her and if they don't don't they most certainly will because this catch and shoot artist launches shots from spots so deep that you might need a radar to know exactly where she is on the court. What truly impressed me is the fact that even though she's one of the top long ball shooters in the state, that wasn't enough and she's taking players off the dribble and scoring with contact not to mention  playing solid perimeter defense