Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How important is having correct information?

The sad part about this is there is one, so much information that it will overwhelm someone if they don't know any better and two, much of the information you receive is bad, take my word for that or roll the dice. When I went through this, now let me give you an analogy, just because someone's name was Noah didn't mean he could sell me a boat, see how I tied that in

Having correct information is important, especially on rosters and jersey numbers and I'm not just an average guy blowing smoke anywhere. Check this link out from Hoopgurlz  read more

My daughter was ranked from the low teens to the mid-twenties by the time she graduated and as I've said before, she was OFFERED by over 100 schools by the time she decided to attend Texas A&M. I know how important having the right information out there is and I'm glad I associated myself with someone that took care of business

Maybe some think I'm not credible and maybe I'm not in their eyes however based on what I've been through with my own daughter plus the countless players I have helped place in front of college coaches, either directly or directly, common sense should kick in on how that makes absolutely no sense read more

I don't need a crystal ball to see the future, I know what it takes to get to the next level and I know what a five star, four star, or three star player looks like because I'm everywhere checking talent out and just because your daughter can make a lay-up and hit a three does NOT mean she can play at the next level, it's just that simple. Do you have a crystal ball? If not

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