Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Peak Performance National tunes up at #ATLShowcase

Okay the reason I take a lot of pictures is because I'm more a visual person and I can go back and look at a photo and relive moments and these three Peak Performance players in the photo all had highlights starting Friday night at the camp. First off Zoe Gullimette is only a freshman, she's 6'5 and can run the floor, finish and block shots, again she's a 6'5 freshman so she's truly ahead of the game and her upside is off the charts. Waiting on the rebound is Kanisha Tharpe and she has symbols by her name an astrologist would be in awe. She is just relentless in the paint, great strength and I saw her finish with three people hanging on her. Tene Thompson showed she could a variety of ways, including the long mid and from the line and she's a shade under the magic number of six feet

Coach Price told me before the camp to watch Sydney Spencer because she reminded him of my daughter handling the ball, going full speed and he was right, this kid can just blow by you with a turbo boost. She catches defenders slipping, too late, great handle plus she can drain the three. Lia Thomas and Cairo Booker both handled the ball well  and were super athletic going to the basket. This team has a little bit of everything and was very impressive as a whole

Breasia McElrath was simply a throwback player in the paint, she doesn't quit and is a fierce rebounder. Cassidy Williams showed she could put the ball in from any and everywhere. Kristan Carter was simply so athletic she created problems for those trying to score and those who tried to stop her from scoring. Kyrie Chandler is another athletic guard that defended, saw the floor, showed a step back but what I loved seeing the most was her first step as she simply set defenders up and left them standing many times