Wednesday, April 2, 2014

AD Elite youngstas show even more at #SBEX

Another young group that caught my eye at the #MarchFest opened them both even wider at the She's Ballin' Extravaganza. Let's see, Kya Tarver and Jennifer Parker, check. The Dilworth twins and Cierra Lane, double check and in case you missed it, check it out again, read more

Jhakya Dillworth actually made the Tip Sheet from the March Fest but she showed me even more and if the bright light hitting her face isn't telling you something, watch out because she definitely has the potential to do big things, read more

This is a talented group from top to bottom, Makayla Gatewood is simply something to watch gliding through the air, super athleticism and she can play. Khala Hanson saw the floor well on offense and read it well on defense coming up with steals galore and finishing with contact while Jazmyn Stevens showed she was definitely what all teams need, a mid-range threat