Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2018 #MarchFest Tip Sheet

My overused line of comparing players to Steve Miller's hit "Fly Like an Eagle" sums this #AutoAwesome photo up of Madison Williams but these ten players I've picked will more than likely fly into high school next season and soar eventually. Many played up or dominated their age group during the March Fest so here we go

Madison Williams-6'0 forward-DFW Elite Super Girls- Williams played up and like this picture and a phrase I've used already with this team, up, up and away. Here's the deal, she doesn't realize how good she is and once she does, all bets are off on how high she'll soar. She can handle the ball, attack from the wings and simply overpower you inside with her athleticism

Taloer Pruitt-5'4 guard- DFW Elite Super Girls-Didn't realize she was as young as she was until I looked at the roster and then I realized who she was. Her mannerisms have changed and her game has matured even more. She's a tough defender that didn't back down against the older players and she showed she could handle the pressure defenses sent her way

Kayla White-5'8 guard-DFW Elite Power Puffs- White almost mirrors Williams with her athleticism, she gets off the ground as quickly as many of the elite high  school players do now, she can recover if she misses the steal and she can score and I mean score in bunches. This young lady has to potential to be able to take over games on both ends

Keziah and Jhakya Dilworth-6'0 wings-AD Elite- I listed them as wings because these twins can fly, they were both always athletic but since I caught back up with them, their skill set has definitely taken a turn upwards as they are showing they can put in on the floor and score facing the basket.

Paris Netherly-5'9 guard-Houston Elite White-Good size and ability grabbed me when I first saw her which was about four years ago. Two years ago, her scoring, especially under pressure and now she's playing against players four years older at times and not being fazed, on either end.

Desiree Caldwell-5'6 guard-San Antonio Finest- Watching her older sister over the years probably gives her a slight edge on some things but she get's it and gives it as well. Her ball handling is off the charts as well as her ability to see the floor and get to the basket but I need to see if she could shoot from the outside as well, she can

Jasmine Smith-5'6 guard-Cy Fair Nike 15U- Basketball savvy at an early age helped when I caught her a couple of years ago and she is simply fearless on the floor. She's a defensive stopper, a point guard that can take over games in the flow and set her teammates up for point blank opportunities

Tatum Veitenheimer-5'6 guard-Texas Adidas Elite- Tatum is just one of those players that is so far ahead of the game in so many aspects that your head will spin. I thought she was at least a sophomore last season, her passion and knowledge of the game at this age speaks volumes and she's one of those players that loves to be "the girl" in clutch situations where she continues to deliver

Sophia Ramos-5'9 guard-South Texas Hoyas- Ramos just keeps getting better, she's poised on the court and is deceptive when you're trying to guard her. She appears to have grown another inch and being a big guard that can score like she's showing me she can will keep her mailbox full

Charli Collier-6'3 forward- Cy Fair Nike 15U- Okay a couple of months ago I saw her handling the ball coast to coast, a few weeks ago she added a crossover and over the weekend, she faced the basket and knocked down the mid-range. Don't get me wrong, she still dominates in the paint, on both ends and she isn't through with adding stuff to her arsenal

There you go, I gave you eleven instead, more to come later