Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DFW Elite Pebbles show plenty of Bam Bam at #SBEX

How about this picture, Sarah Byrd up front, Nyah Wilson in the background and N'yah Boyd on the floor illustrates certain things an d when you talk about a pipeline of talented players, DFW Elite's cup is running over.Byrd is showing signs of being a "BEAST" in the paint, she simply has the tools to dominate  both ends one day. Boyd is simply off the chain with athleticism, she already can do some acrobatic things surprising well, in traffic at that. Wilson, along with Theasia Ebron, are the lone 2021 players on this talented 2019 squad and the more I look at Wilson, the more impressed I am because of what she's doing at her age playing up

Endyia Rogers put on a dribbling exhibition that drove the crowd wild, she's small but had that GC quality simply by changing the momentum by doing something spectacular. Jacia Canady and Nikyla Green already know how to attack and finish in a crowd while Jada Handley's on ball defense created some problems .

This team is just loaded with players who are head of the game or simply bursting with potential. Sumalya Abdul-Rahim brought heat on both ends as well as Anyssa Guitterez