Monday, June 9, 2014

#TAMUCamp recap coming but first a little on Sydney Colson

This was one of the few weekends I had scheduled off this season however when I found out that I had a chance to get another look at some players I may not see again this season, I jumped on it. Actually I also got a chance to see my daughter and why not jump at that as well. In case you just started following WBB, my daughter was one of the top players in her 2007 class, was offered by just about everyone and I mean everyone and went on to help lead Texas A&M to a National Championship in 2011. She also played in the WNBA and professionally overseas and this past season she was the GA at A&M

It's never been just about basketball for our family and I've been told countless times by parents on what a great young lady my daughter was, how she influenced their daughters on the floor or just gave them good advice and over the weekend, I can't tell you how many people commended her to me on how she helped make the process smoother at the camp but a couple of things simply caught me off guard. Essence Johnson's dad told me Essence was overwhelmed when she met my daughter and Essence told her watching her play was the reason she started playing

Essnece is a 2015 and  can definitely play at the next level, she's almost at that magic number and you can catch her with the Lady Houston Phenoms who went undefeated this past weekend at the Elite Team Camp

Then there's Chennedy Carter, a young lady I caught last season that just blew me away and  we talked a bit after seeing her play. When she found out who my daughter was she told me how she enjoyed watching her play in college.

Well her mom posted something on Facebook that simply said it all "On March 29, 2011 I took Chennedy to watch her favorite team at that time... Baylor play for the NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP. But... After watching this young lady.. Sydney Colson play... She fell in love with Sydney's game and Texas A&M! Chen finally got a chance to meet her hero this weekend! Sydney, thank you for your kindness this weekend by allowing my baby to grace your presence! It made the whole camp experience perfect!"

Again, this was always more than just about basketball and there aren't enough words I can put together to say how proud I am