Thursday, June 5, 2014

Katy Rebels D 'Addieco continue to bring it

I knew the top division semifinals were going to be good but I didn't realize how good and intense they would turn out. In the Rebels game against Lady Elite, five three point shooters were inserted down the stretch to make one last run and they are Sydney Makowski, Gracie Carrasco, Kim Laurintion, Kayla Callaway and Anna Miller, I said FIVE

Although they came up short in the semi's they won 3rd place the improvement of several of the players was key. Makowski knows how to score but her improved defense was instrumental. Lashanda Fitzgeral has also made a huge jump, she's become more physical in the paint and can finish with contact. Callaway's range is almost unlimited, she elevates and rebounds well while Laurintino simply got wherever she wanted, usually to the basket

Carrasco did a good job getting to the rim as well, as well as Miller who is becoming more aggressive on both ends of the floor. If they could have placed six on the court to shoot threes, Delaney Ferguson might have been the logical choice as she dropped a deep one to start the run while Darian Lamb hit a huge 15 footer to keep it going. Solid defense from Allison Romero and the continuous improvement Natalie Quintero all were reasons why they finished well over the weekend