Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hybrid Hoopin at #PrimeTime

I didn't Hybrid Hoops at full force during the Insiders Basketball Classic as several players, including Insiders Hoopfest all tournament selection D'Asia Collins were not available and although Collins wasn't available this weekend, she's one of the top points in the 2018 group as well as an accomplished soccer player, I did catch them loaded and I needed a glove because this wasn't slow pitch

I wrote one word down for Kalari Clark, "BEAST" cause sometimes, I just don't have to take notes and this young lady is going to raise the roof in HS, trust me. She's simply relentless in the paint and has the mindset " you're not going to outwork her"  and when you have that at a young age, all I can  do is smile

Janae Alvarez and Kylah Collins also did a good job attacking the basket, Collins simply explodes to the basket and when I use explode, let me add Cydney Rivera's game is blowing up, yeah I see you working young lady. This squad has a little bit of everything and so far I've talking about controlling the paint and attacking yet there's even more

Makaila Hernandez handles the ball well and so does Destiny Deleon and Taylor Carlin. What about range, well Allie Garza definitely has that but so do Deleon and Carlin. Deleon is a shifty ball handler while Carlin threw one of the meanest crossovers at the event, not to mention b2b2b threes, so I guess I was right about a little bit of everything but then again when am I not