Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dynasty Cosby finishes 2nd in 7/8 Grade Division #PrimeTime

This organization  continues to improve so I'll drop the Blake, Krystle and Alexis Carrington references because most of yall don't know what I'm talking about but this young organization continues to move the GPR ratings as the players are developing and it's showing, three finals fours this weekend with two runner-ups ain't bad

Alexus Murphy put on a show Sunday as she attacked, defended and showed she could shoot it deep but her athleticism simply gave her a little something extra as she exploded to the basket for scores. Tanya Cruz did a good job of getting to the rim and was doing some magic handling the ball but these young ladies got it done shorthanded but Regon Heron and Ellie Wilson filled in nicely when someone needed a break

Laura Castleman and Allison Warren did a number of things but their ability to shoot the long ball helped the team get o the championship and what I'm seeing from Savannah Wendt will have her like that Wendt from Cheers, everyone will know her name. I know, you don't get it but she's long, runs the floor after igniting with a rebound to finish. Her ability to attack is ahead of where many player her age and size are plus when she switched hands for a bucket, I was scratching my head faster than you can say NORM or Norma