Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cy Fair Shock 2020 #PrimeTime

Great mixture with this young Cy Fair group and I saw enough of them to know I'll be checking them out next month at Prime Time Nationals for sure. Morgan Ngo is already in my "size don't matter" club as she's simply fearless. She handled the ball well and knows how to create her own shot, big pluses already but I haven't stopped with additions yet

Watching the youngsters throughout the event was a joy as they simply battled . Amanda Turpin uses her athleticism well and managed to play strong in the paint, same with Abbie Fuerst, they showed they wanted to rebound no matter what. Ashle Harrison is full of energy, she brought plenty of heat and played the passing lanes well while Riane Burton was everywhere the ball was

Sydney Rollins, Shadiya Thomas and Lauren Mosley all seemed to have their specialties. Rollins loved to defend, Thomas got to the basket several times and Mosley showed good range. Cassidy Howard did a little bit of everything, she handled the ball well for her size, that's huge and knows how to finish, that's huge as well and the probably the hugest of all was her ability to face the basket and score, dropping some midrange jumpers shows me a sign