Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hurricanes more than tropical storm at Girls Got Game #DCSportsDFW

The Hurricanes 2017 squad showed a lot of heart and ability last weekend and with several players showing next level ability, they managed to stay in the hunt. Sarah  Lipe was definitely a force, she's long, runs the floor well and can finish, keep in mind that she's also playing a year up which has me thinking big things are in store for this 2018 player

Abbey McCutcheon also finished well and like Lipe, she too is from the 2018 class but several young ladies on this team had a chance to show me a thing or two. Among those players, Dana Cosgrove created well and showed she could nail the 15 footer while Gina Riedell and Jordan Deason kept the heat going on defense

Morgan Smith pushed the ball well under pressure and also did a good job distributing as she has good court vision and made some pinpoint passes in transition. Smith also showed she could open things up as a long ball threat