Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DC Queens 2020 Blue at Girls Got Game #DCSportsDFW

How about that, DC Queens has not one, but two very talented 2020 squads and let me start off with the first one I saw on Saturday, 2020 Blue. Sometimes I get lucky on pics and this one has going clockwise Makalah Robinson, Micah "Candy Girl" Cooper (shooting) and Micah "Mik Mik" Cooper and when you figure in the 3 M's ,nicknames and slogans, they are definitely MMM MMM good and doing some sweet things on the court

All three can handle the ball, attack the basket and even more importantly, finish strong. They understand the concept already, see the floor well  and know how to hit the open man or create their own shots while adding a touch of mid-range. Candy Girl even handles the ball more impressively than the video I caught a couple of seasons ago and all I can say is watch out for these young ladies in high school

 Nia Cole and Jayla Pierson simply go after everything in the paint, Cole uses her athleticism while Pierson simply can overpower opponents. Shawndra Ezra on the other hand mixes athleticism and power while Hannah Guster's size tells me all of these young ladies could eventually wind up being players that control both ends of the paint. Other bright spots were Destini Smith who can blow by opponents along with Brynne Darden. This team is full of young ladies with huge upsides and before it's over, many Queens will be crowned throughout the program