Wednesday, May 7, 2014

DC 2020 Fry at Girls Got Game #DCSportsDFW

This DC Queens 2020 Fry squad is one of the best 6th grade teams I've ever seen and they helped me close out a fantastic weekend in Desoto. The team has a great mix of talented players and several are already showing BCS potential, yeah I said it. Erin Fry handled the ball extremely well in the opening game but in game two, she turned it up as she showed me a whole lot more. She has range, can finish and defend plus she has a little bit of acrobatics to go along with her athleticism

She wasn't the only one making highlight type moves and shots, Mikayla Eddins attacks and anticipates well plus she finishes strong. Tamia Jones also got to the rim whenever she wanted, she did some exciting things as well plus showed she could knock down the three, same for Madison Cleary and Jordan Webster and it's always good to have multiple long ball threats. Yazmyn Posado made some solid plays at the right time and has a great comprehension of the game but this team, from top to bottom simply gets it.

Mia Smith was solid on the inside, she has good hands and footwork plus she simply goes hard for rebounds. I tweeted Jewel Spears has the right name, don't remember it verbatim but something like a gem and dagger because she's already showing she can be a "clutch" player. She can break the defense down, see the floor or get to rim almost at will, oh yeah and finish but these young ladies are nowhere near finished, their story is just beginning especially for Jordyn Merritt

Merritt is 6'0, long and coordinated. Watching her score in the paint or pass to cutting teammates being guarded tightly, I'm talking about leading her teammates with passes in traffic from 15 feet, you just can't teach some of this stuff especially at this age. She can also take defenders off the dribble and finish, showed she could face the basket and score. Am I ready to label her BCS, I already have and she will be joined by many others throughout the organization