Thursday, April 3, 2014

Texas Elite Adidas Rodriguez at #SBEX

Kristina Kana, Hannah Williams, Zandra Emanuel and Marlena Gana form an impressive front-line for Team Adipure. Gana, standing at 6'2 creates several mismatch opportunities, while the ultra-athletic Emanuel just soars above opponents for baskets and rebounds. Kana, Williams and Emanuel are around the "magic number" and four did a good job of banging in the paint

Leah Boehl and Abbey Houghton continue to show they can knock shots down from the outside while Brianna Guidry's athleticism both on offense, attacking the basket and defense, anticipating passes was huge but the biggest surge came when Amber Richard jump started the offense. Richard knows how to run a team, she did so well that she actually made the Tip Sheet  read more