Thursday, April 3, 2014

SA Islanders do what they do at #SBEX

I got a lot of enjoyment from watching the San Antonio Islanders last season and after seeing them multiple times, I knew this team would be even more exciting this season. Their two "bigs", Erin Wimberly and Alexis Worley, are out due to injuries, both showed  a lot of promise last season, so much in fact that each made a Tip Sheet

Several others have made Tip Sheets, Annabelle Tovar just made another one from the #SBEX read more  as she continues to add more weapons to her impressive game. Alexia Torres was also featured on one last season, she,  Tovar and Tara Molina simply can get on a roll and put up huge  numbers. This team is just super exciting, Arriana Craver played on both of their teams over the weekend and helped bring even more energy