Thursday, April 3, 2014

SA Finest loaded top to bottom #SBEX

I caught multiple SA Finest teams a few times at #SBEX and the top team is going to compete with some of the best clubs in the country while the pipeline stays full, especially on the Diamond squad. Nalyssa Smith is 6'2 and on the verge of being a beast when she enters HS next season. Hannah Knight finishes well already, knows how to use her body and is ahead of the game. Makayla Maybry showed she could attack and hit the midrange at 6'1 while Vanessa Oyola and Jena Mehlbreech both handled the ball well and saw the floor, Oyola showed a bit of range as well. Alexis Popham did some damage in the paint and in a month or two, she will give the young squad their fourth sixth footer, talking about a magic number

Don't know if I'll be around by the time Ashley Ramirez is in HS, they might put a mandatory retirement age out, who am I kidding, I ain't going nowhere and I'll get  a chance to watch another young player follow in their sister's footsteps

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