Monday, April 7, 2014

Peak Performance "bigs" impressive at camp before #ATLShowcase

2015 Kennedy Rushin is all smiles and rightfully so as the young star is about to have college coaches "rushin" to see her this season because at 6'6............

Rushin is in front of 6'5 Abby Rouse, both showed they could create some issues in the paint during the tournament, oh Rouse is a 2017 btw

Standing at 6'5 is another 2017, Zoe Guillmette whose upside is through the roof. Length along with excellent timing definitely stood out

Coach Bruce Price is all smiles as they have stars galore coming up through Peak Performance. I'll break their squads down as well as the other teams who participated in the ATL Showcase, this will be going on through Thursday as I head to the Metroplex to cover another Prime Tournament with a Texas twist