Monday, April 7, 2014

Georgia Elite 16U brings good mixture to #ATLShowcase

Tori Auzment, Audrey Weiner and Deja Mitchell

The Georgia Elite made an impressive run in the 16U division of Prime Time Sports' Atlanta Showcase however after going through the roster and seeing the make-up of the team, only two sophomores, six freshen and four from 2018 class makes what they did even more impressive. In the early game, two of the 2018 players simply went off, Tori Auzment was steady at the point, handling heat from older players and getting the ball to the right folks. Audrey Weiner simply made it a point to put the ball in the basket from a variety of ways and I mean mid-range to in  the paint. 2017 Deja Mitchell anticipated plays for steals throughout the day and just made big plays on both ends on opening day

Later that day, Auzment showed me even more with mid to long range action. 2017 Rachel Dobbs also showed she could bust a zone wide open  but game two surprise came from another freshman, Brianna Dixon who was simply all over the place playing multiple positions. She saw the floor extremely well, attacked the basket and came up with some big steals. I hadn't seen her shoot it from long but her back to back three pointers sealed it