Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Georgia Pearls 2015 Elite #AutoAwesome at #ATLShowcase

The battle was on as you can see in the picture so as I move ahead, let's roll with it. The Georgia Pearls 15 Elite group like so many of the teams I watched in Atlanta just brought it. Well I guess when you have a team full of players that can man-up baseline to baseline, play the passing lanes and just keep the energy level up no matter what combination, well here's why. Desiree Corbin, Genesis Jones and Shadae Tate are just simply everywhere the ball is, they would be there as well. Shaylon Tarver not only handled the ball unbder pressure but also made plays a she created for herself and her teammates.

You can't trap Nia Sapp as she would either split defenders or drop the mid-range. Taylor Delashour also could take defenders off the dribble effectively, same for Victoria Jones who could also drop the long ones when needed, and I mean long. Taylor Terry's middle name should start with an N because she was simply DYNOMITE. Like her teammates, she was super athletic, finished under difficult circumstances and played the passing lanes like a cornerback