Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Georgia Jaguars 2016 bring star potential to #ATLShowcase

Yes Tselem was awarded a three after this shot and although it appears her foot may have been on the line, it wasn't. Tselem showed she could definitely knock the long ball down, being super athletic and able to take defenders off dribble help but the Georgia Jaguars 2016 team was like a pressure cooker, they brought the heat quickly. Mya Miller and Tre Walker did what I, and even more importantly, college coaches love to see, nail the mid-range jumper

Yolanda Givens and Kayla Bonilla both attacked the basket, anticipated the passes on defense and finished well while Kayla Vance used her body well in the paint, on both ends.Claudette James and Z. Carr kept the tempo going when they entered the game, as I said this team simply kept coming at you