Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cy Fair youngstas growing up fast

When you have Charli Collier, Laura Daulton and Kayla Owens on the floor, expect the paint to be controlled. Arianna Whitfield and Rachel Tapps, or Jasmine Smith and Leah Silva or any mixture including Madison Schenck, Ariel Starks, Sierrra Cheatum or Alyce Fields and when you bundle everything together, you have a recipe destined for success. Collier, Smith and Fields are all in MS, Collier has already committed to Texas so with me saying that, you should have the picture, if not, check out the Tip Sheet yet again on Collier, read more

Tapps, one of the top defenders in the state, and Schenck, a six footer that can also shoot the three, are a couple of my Under The Radar players that I'm looking forward to seeing them explode real soon. Owens has BCS offers on the table, she plays above the rim whether I Photoshop the picture or not and if you're playing against her and don't recognize her, ask to see bottom of her shoe, now should have that picture

Whitfield, Starks and Silva can fill it up, Cheatum is more of a slasher while Daulton and Fields simply have the potential to overpower you with their massive frames, something Collier has mastered. Smith is running the one against the big girls and with that never quit attitude, she will excel at the end