Friday, June 6, 2014

Lady Elite just keep coming as they win #PrimeTime 11/12 Grade Division

I've had a chance to watch many of these players on the Lady Elite for a few years and to say they have next level talent would simply be an understatement because they have players at multiple positions that can do just that. One young lady who played this past weekend was Amber Byrd, a powerful young lady from Madisonville that will be attending a JUCO in Illinois. She is strong and athletic and can finish with either hand so remember that name when she comes back around because a lot of people should be wondering how this Byrd flew away

This team has always brought a lot of energy and when you have a team full of athletic players that can simply wear you down with multiple combinations, be ready for the heat, perfect example was last night, #SPURS. Tootie Nealy simply elevates over you, has a nice midrange and can blow by defenders. Sydni Freeman is also a mid and long range threat that simply knows how to create her own shot, I kept hearing defenders yell " she's the shooter" but she wasn't alone as Patrickia Daily is simple a threat from everywhere. She attacks at will, launches missiles from everywhere and simply knows how to score

Denisha Ford plays one way and brings it on both ends and as hard as she attacks, she does the same on defense and her body control gets her points and or to the line a whole lot. Tashyra Banks was simply overpowering in the paint, she's strong, runs the floor, rebounds on both ends and can finish but the weapons they have are simply always loaded. Kalandrea Jefferson handles the ball well under pressure, in fact she had one of the best crossovers I've seen all summer, in traffic and she sees the floor well also. Jasmine Wilson also did several good things, especially passing lane because when you know how to anticipate, that's huge but was her ability to get to the basket

Keaton Sayers was out with a minor injury, she'll be back in a couple of weeks but the lone 2017 player on the team caught my eye years ago with her ability to score multiple ways. She runs the floor and finishes, can face the basket and score and the last time I saw her she was taking defenders from the wing. I'll catch her and the Lady Elite down the road as their journey is far from over