Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Katy Rebels Matte JV #PrimeTime

Just got a glimpse of this team loaded with up and coming freshmen in addition to three 7th graders, Ashley De Cuire, Kathryn Busch and Gabby Long. I saw enough of DeCuire to know she has a scorers mentality as she attacks every opening you give her. Long, like her name, used her length to her advantage making some nice moves around the basket

I've enjoyed watching Katie Floyd come through the club ball scene and her steady improvement on the floor shows she's been working and is making noise on the floor and so were Courtney Garza and Ashley Deboise. Plenty of athleticism spread among the players, Jessica Cordova showed some tough defense while Mikela Mc Clauey also knew how to attack the basket

Bright spots and potential is how I describe these young ladies, Caitlyn Lynch has goodd handles and can get wherever she wants, is this Kelly's younger sister? I don't know but I see similarities but what I do know is Celeste Sarobia certainly can knock the midrange down