Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dynasty's DYNASTY rolling on #CCClassic


I've been friends with Coach Johnson and Coach Moore since my hair was completely black and when Dynasty first started, I always got a chance to catch their players from not just the Greater Houston area but the surrounding areas as well and they've consistently put players in position to go on to the next level which is what this is really supposed to be about. This year's HS group put on a show in the Clutch City Classic and I had front  seat tickets and a backstage pass


The explosive Alexis Murphy is always a treat to watch, the back-court always get's after it no matter what combinations are used among Alyssa Preus, Laura Castleman or Raelynn Byrd. I love the energy these squads always bring to the table, Joanna Gabriel and Arin Brown get after it on both ends while Hannah Grimmett definitely can open things open with her outside shooting


And speaking of outsid, 5'10 guard Savannah Wendt, no relation to George, went completely off last season and when I walked into gym, I started to yell like did on Cheers when everyone would scream Norm however since Savannah is three syllables, it just wouldn't have the same effect or is that affect, nevertheless she's a big guard with a stroke, long and midrange. The inside presence is also solid with Janice Gabriel doing well in the paint on both ends while Jasmine Atoibajeun is ultra athletic and a nightmare around the basket, oh yeah, she's 6'1


The talent down the pipeline assures me that this club will continue to be relevant, I really enjoyed 2021 Kaidance Glenn, she's got a lot of tools running through her bloodline but she definitely stood out playing up on 8th . Another young player, Katelyn Alatin showed a lot of promise but it's several more players throughout the organization I'll catch down the road that are going to be really good