Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Plenty of young talent on UBAVE Gold at #SBEX

UBAVE formerly SA Rohawks , has had talented players as far back as I can remember and with this new group of budding young 8th and 9th graders playing on their GOLD team, nothing has changed. Chantel Govan showed she could be a GC, new acronym I thought up yesterday for game changer.  She sees the floor well and she's everywhere on the floor on defense plus she showed range. Denaja Daniels was everywhere as well, the duo brought plenty of heat in the backcourt plus Daniels showed the ability to explode to the basket. Kennedi Tanks' name fits because she was aggressive and strong, ran the floor well and knock the midrange down. Karla Butler has quick hands and anticipates well on defense and she's also full of athleticism as she can go by defenders almost at will with her quick first step. Big upside for 2018 Desiree Lewis who's almost at the magic number and is already showing signs of being magical before it;s all said and done