Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Payton's Place is a hit for super talented United Elite at #SBEX

No matter what you  think, hear, read, other from me, the game has always will start at the one and the improvement of Payton Hicks is just eerie as I think about four years from now. Payton runs the one for United Elite who have arguably the best 2019 players in Texas, Nyah Green and Arkansas, Kennedy Tucker who both have a shot a making a run for MDAA. Also joining them is Elizabeth Scott also from Texas and if you're wondering how good she is, well my nickname for her is "Great Scott" and before it's all said and done, there is no telling how high she'll finish

Whitney Cox was a pleasant surprise, yes she's Lauren's younger sister and I see the potential tied into her height. They also have Yo'myris Morris, the lone 2018 on this star studded 2019 squad. Morris takes up a lot of space in the paint and does damage on both ends. Tiana Machie is a super athletic young lady that can dazzle you at times and everyone needs a zone buster, Mistique Womack sjhowed she had good range

I made a special trip to see these young ladies on Sunday morning, they simply get after it. Hicks, Green, Tucker and Scott have been sensational over the past year and I had to see Cox because she was injured while the others participated in the PassThaBall Camp back in December. This is a very special group, they simply get after all have some upside which is truly scary