Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ott one of several for NT United at #SBEX

Didn't really need a roster for NT United 2018 to figure out who Jordan Ott was after hearing about the numbers she was putting up. Skilled and smart are always a big help, nice midrange and anticipates well while also being able to handle the ball under pressure. The roster did help with their other players however and this young team has some talent with plenty of potential. Sydney Brock was a beast on the block, early morning rhyme to get me going. Doesn't take much too get Brock going, she's ready when she steps on the court and with her strength, she's going to be someone to reckon with. Ci Ci McCalain and Julie Shalkowski are names you may want to jot down as well. McClain has excellent timing and finished well, Shalowski at 6'2 and in middle school says it all right there