Friday, April 4, 2014

Misleading information on talent

An excited and elated dad called me and said he was told colleges aren't recruiting based on talent anymore, they were doing it based on who you played for and what was written about the player. My response was "I'm not trying to to be rude but I don't know what's dumber, whoever made the statement to you or you believing it" but the statements are getting more out there each and every season

Parents college coaches want to keep their jobs, they are recruiting to help their teams win, it's just that simple so don't believe everything that's out there, especially from someone who hasn't been through it. A perfect example would be going sailing on a ship some person made after reading " Shipbuilding For Dummies" because you're taking a chance on what, that ship sinking and fast

Avoid misleading information and like the ball in the picture, don't get stuck

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