Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sorry I missed Skyrise at #SBEX

Amanda Ferry
In didn't get a chance to see Skyrise over the past weekend at the She's Ballin' Extravaganza however I know several of the players and I know they are good. I love the improvement I've watched in Amanda Ferry and Liz Scott each time I've seen them since last season at various camps I covered and when you figure these young ladies are standing right around the magic number, big things are certainly in store

Bre Bookman

I'm hearing great things about Bre Bookman who is also the team, as well as Alecia Whyte one of the returnees from last season. I know who Ashley Daniel is, she's over the magic number and just keeps getting better and it seems like I'm missing someone

Mackenzie Green
Mackenzie Green is doing her thing, she's a young lady that simply doesn't realize it yet but her potential is through the roof and let me not forget Halle Jones who keeps turning corners and is ready to simply explode