Monday, March 31, 2014

Oklahoma's Another Level showed and played on just that at #SBEX

I've gone over the talented players I see year in and year out from Oklahoma since I first saw Ernie Williams and Danielle Gant back in 2004, both wound up playing in the  Big 12 for Texas and Texas A&M respectively and were two of the top players in their class. Since then, several classes have passes and year after year, I see a new one from the state that tells me I truly need to get down there and this weekend sealed that

Another Level is a team filled with energy and athleticism especially in the back-court as Michaela Mack and Shamika Smith got it going and Shauntel Gaines help keep it that way and when you have heat like that, good things can happen. Jazme Laskey showed she could take her man off the dribble and finish well while Cartringto Small and Zahira White, were strong inside even though both are a couple of inches under the magic number of six feet, they played as if they were a couple of inches over

Talent was just everywhere with this group of sophomores, Mikayla Haynes, Anna Gary and Alyssa Severt like the rest of their teammates showed me something. Sievert did a little bit of everything including drop the three however Areanna Combs is the one who made the Tip Sheet, this time.

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