Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Georgia Pearls 2017 Elite from #ATLShowcase

Tamiah Lewis
Tamiah Lewis was a highlight waiting to happen as she showed me she knew how to put the ball in the basket multiple ways. I don't know what I enjoyed most, her change of pace or those pink shoes blazing by me but watching her in the open court was priceless. Kaleah Davis handled the ball well also, she too caught defenders slipping, well made some slip and when you add Josslyn Jones throwing a spin move at you, these three could definitely change the momentum buy getting the crowd into it

Kamree Sizmore & Andeja Puckett

Kamree Sizmore, Raina Johnson and Faith Lindsey all brought heat, they're filled with athleticism and can create issues on the press, Sizmore is the lone 2018 on this 2017 squad while Lindsey was also a beast on the boards and at times she was driven. Jamya Freeman's length gave her an advantage as she altered shots and took smaller opponents off the dribble while Nyliece Raiford showed she had range, deep range. Oh and Andeja Puckett just kept getting better and as time progresses, there is no telling how good she'll be. At 6'3, let's close it with this picture of Puckett, so you tell me