Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Georgia Peals 2018 Elite just that at #ATLShowcase

Anastasia Warren

This team has a solid group of players bursting with energy and have a tremendous amount of upside. Anastasia Warren happens to be one in particular that was impressive both during the Pearls morning camp as well as during the games

Tytianna Taylor
Warren along with Tytianna Taylor both were extremely athletic on both ends, could shoot the mid-range and finish strong and they both found ways to get to the line. Kelsey Smikes and Taylor Hosendove came up with big plays on opening day, Kennedy Hansberry and Mikaysha Lemon just brought it

Britney Grimble

Britney Grimble created some problems in the paint, used her size and strength for put back opportunities and Jamila Mitchell showed star potential reading the defense as she anticipated very well for steals while attacking from the wing almost at will

Jamila Mitchell