Saturday, August 5, 2017

Texas Elite Lady Warriors featuring up and coming talent @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals

The one thing that grasped my attention from this squad last season was the back-court of Haili Archie and Briana Peguero as I watch them flying through the air, doing acrobatic things which was super impressive at their age, defending and knocking down shots but the more I watched the team play, they weren't the only players that were about to do some damage once they got to high school. Ja'Bria Tolden simply has me shaking my head more than some of these emails I receive, she simply makes things happen on both ends and can change the momentum of a game. Mayu Aradami has definitely taken her game up a knotch, well more than one and the inside play Kacie Johnson definitely caught my attention

On the younger squads, both the 6th and 7th grade group have lots of players on the verge of breaking out, Eryn Llyod and Khloe Vaughn continue to leave me speechless while the improvement from all of the 6th graders, especially Kennedi Archie tells me several "stars of tomorrow" are developing right before my eyes on the 6th grade squad. Anyah Sanford and Saja Cleveland were among several that caught my eye months ago on the 7th grade group, the upside running through this organization is only overshadowed by the progression to continue to see in this short period of time which tells me the group is definitely putting in the work