Sunday, August 6, 2017

ASA doing it up @ 2017 Prime Time Nationals #8thGrade

My history with some of the  ASA players  goes back to almost TWELVE years ago, okay TEN but I had to plus it in just for fun and the fun I've had watching these young ladies simply put in work and get better is definitely something that makes me smile. Ava Pointer's game has definitely come a long way, she's stronger and more poised and is definitely creating problems shooting that mid to long range or just taking defenders off the dribble

I guess the inside play of Keundra Kelley and Victoria Sheffield sort of makes a genius cause, you know who you are, I TOLD YOU SO. Neither are close to the finished product but who is at this stage, what I truly enjoy seeing from both is that they never back down and love to battle and since they both are facing the basket to score, who knows what's next, well I know cause I just do

I can't say enough about NaLayjah Johnson and how she's taken her game to just a whole nother level, I know it ain't a word but is today because when I'm at the game, I'm seeing that Naaaaa can PLAY. Already a long ball threat, she's taking defenders off the dribble and taking the contact when she gets to the basket, I called her one of the most improved young players in the state that I had seen a few months ago, need I say more

Yeah I have more, when I saw Sissy Thompson and Precious Daily playing 2 years up 3 years ago, I said they had "star written all over them" and if you use the search bar, you can see it yourself however I don't like being questioned in anything, especially talented players and both are just that. Thompson is playing the best I've seen her play, she's everywhere, even got me water from concession during a time out, okay she didn't I'm painting a picture. Daily runs the one with precision, she scores and defends and just does what PG's do, make her teammates better, as well as writers