Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Flight Elite teams keep elevating at 2017 Prime Time Nationals

I always look for one thing, no matter where I am or who I'm watching and that's progression providing I've seen you before. Development is key for so many reasons especially at the younger ages so what I've seen from Flight Elite throughout their organization on the 3rd, 5th and 7th grade squads is just that, development as well as progression and this will definitely go a long way. I'll start off with the 7th graders. The inside play of Markencia Brisby and Covella McDaniel have definitely taken a jump, first look at Taylor Riley was definitely a good one while Alexus Taylor has the frame and handles to make things happen. Speaking of making things happen, Kenzi Mitchell just keeps doing that as she's becoming a nightmare to defend. That first step is becoming more potent and with an expanded long range game to go with her mid range, well she has the tools

 On the 5th grade squad, loving the way Jordan McIntosh is attacking the basket but on top of that her ability to create her shot, under pressure is as huge as her defense is becoming. Plenty of athletic youngsters on the squad, Dallas Henry and Kyla Mitchell had me looking for a fan, while Jade March had me wishing is it that month because again, the heat they brought at this age is outstanding. Asia Bryant and Dominique Moore also showed me improvement, didn't get a chance to catch everyone but I got you down the road

The 3rd grade squad closed out Friday with an 8:10 game and I simply had to see them again after catching them a few months ago. Amya Albert and LaKyra Briscoe are a couple of #sizedontmatter guards that don't understand what quit is, This is a very athletic group of young players on this squad that will only get better over the years, the inside play has improved since earlier when I caught them back in April I believe, which tells me they've been working on their games. Amayah Garcia and TaKya Johnson definitely are getting to the basket and finishing with contact and speaking of contact, Marvinsha Norman and Egypt Davis already can take it and finish, both attack the basket well