Thursday, August 10, 2017

Team Pink Phenom 2022 sending message @ Prime Time Nationals #7thGrade

Anytime I can catch Team Pink Phenom 2022, I'm going to do so for a number of reasons which include no matter what camp I've been associated with, they always make that drive with a whole lot of talented players and I simply love watching them get after it. Aunisty Smith mentioned she loved this picture, well her wish is definitely my command after the performance she put on. Talk about continuing to elevate your game, this young lady is on the verge of #BEAST status as she simply won't let you outwork her and that in itself is a throwback kind of things cause you can't teach heart, nor effort and combine the skill set she's showing, well let me just LOCK her in

Jerrika Mahonn is a talented guard that can create her shot or take defenders off the dribble, she brings so much to the table . Cayanna Stanley also attacks the basket and finishes with contact plus she can shoot the long ball and when you talk about attacking the basket Hiatiana Releford simply brings it. She can handle the ball coast to coast under pressure and with her athleticism and quickness, she's can do a whole lot of different things, all well but to top it off, she defends and rebounds and speaking of rebounds, for them to make a run like they made with inside threat Sydni Smith, who was out with an injury, tells you something about this squad that simply played their hearts out in the quarterfinals losing to eventual champion Oklahoma Swish Blue by 3 but they fought back to win 5th Place

Carrigan Hill is already doing "unreal" things and has been for a while, she's made a few of my Tip Sheets and she was LOCKED in the first time I saw her. When you're explosive with the ball and I mean under pressure and you can down mid, long whatever range there is, well everything will fall into place and trust me, it definitely is. Carizma Nelson shot the ball well in the tournament while Deonie Delousier brought heat on defense and let me say this, my first look at Brooklyn Fisher left a lasting impression. She gets to the basket whenever she wants against whoever she wants and finishes strong but she also defends and can  shoot the ball from the outside